The internet is a big place. Let me know if you find anything good; I'm just lost. Here's some stuff that might be useful (but once you click through, I'm not responsible for what you find!):

BBC Parenting
Straightforward and well-presented articles on many aspects of being a parent and having small children.

Maternity regulations.
A good source of short articles on dealing with many issues affecting housedads, from altered finances to low social status. There's also information on general parenting topics, such as immunisation and household chores, but considered from a housedad perspective. It's an essential read if you're new to the housedad life or thinking of taking it up.
Information on depression.

Family Lives
Helpful advice on some difficult family topics.

Heart & Home
DadsDinner is about survival and gadgets. Heart & Home is about family adventures, craftwork and chocolate. Think of it as a complementary source of ideas.